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Research & Evaluation
Developmental Evaluation of BranchED’s Performance-Based Coaching Model

EduDream partnered with the Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED) to develop a program theory of change, design and implement a learning evaluation, and develop a comprehensive three-year evaluation plan. BranchED, a national nonprofit organization, provides technical assistance to Minority Serving Institutions’ (MSI) educator preparation programs (EPPs) to help advance institutional outcomes and amplify their unique contributions in preparing diverse educators for all learners. In 2018, BranchED launched a three year performance-based coaching program (PBCP) to build MSI EPPs capacity to implement and sustain improvements. EduDream submitted a learning evaluation findings report that highlights strengths and informs continuous program improvement. The findings were shared with MSI leaders and used to facilitate ongoing conversations.

Who Graduates and Why: College Completion Research

EduDream conducted a landscape analysis and research report for the Partnership for College Completion, a non-profit focused on postsecondary access and attainment for first generation and low-income students in the Chicagoland region. The research report synthesized existing literature and publicly available data on higher education and college access and completion in the state of Illinois with a focus on increasing college success for low-income and students of color. The report highlights trends that have broad implications in Illinois, where nearly half of high school graduates are low-income and over 40 percent are black or Latino. Read the report: Unequal Opportunity in Illinois: A Look at Who Graduates College and Why It Matters

Evaluation of Early Math Collaborative


EduDream is conducting a multi-year evaluation of an early childhood math initiative in Chicago. The Early Math Collaborative provides early math professional development (PD) and coaching across a network of high needs schools with the goal to increase the capacity of pre-K through second grade teachers to deliver high quality early mathematics instruction and improve student learning of early math concepts. Our mixed-methods study includes pre- and post-survey data to assess shifts in teachers’ attitudes, mindsets and instructional practices, post-PD surveys to capture perceived quality, usefulness and application of learnings, focus groups and classroom observation logs to assess program fidelity, and a formative assessment of student learning. 

Strategic Planning & Organizational Assessment
Needs Assessment of Diverse Charter Schools Coalition Membership

The Diverse Charter Schools Coalition (DCSC) connects and supports a range of diverse charters (e.g., diverse in race, culture, socioeconomic status, language, and ability) in designing, creating and operating integrated schools. DCSC has grown its membership from 14 founding member schools to 49 members representing over 100 individual schools across the nation. EduDream took a systematic approach to help DCSC understand its members’ needs to better support them and continue to grow its membership. For this needs assessment study, EduDream conducted face-to-face focus groups and interviews with members (including CEOs, Executive Directors, and School Leaders) and developed and administered a member-wide online survey. EduDream delivered interim findings and a final report.

Strategic Planning for The Collective at Teach For America

Teach For America (TFA) formed the Collective in 2011 as a way to harness the power of its alumni of color. The vision of The Collective is to meaningfully advance educational outcomes for children through the continuous engagement, leadership development, and mobilization of alumni of color. EduDream guided The Collective leadership team in developing a strategy and implementation plan to guide its work for the next three years. Services included a landscape scan to understand changing organizational contexts, interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders and alumni of color, strategy articulation and development, and implementation plan development. Read the one-pager here

Strategic Planning for Taos Early Childhood Alliance


The Taos Early Childhood Alliance (TECA) builds and sustains relationships that help develop and realize a community- driven model of high quality early childhood care continuum for rural communities within Taos County.  TECA asked EduDream to guide their strategic planning process to develop and implement an evidence-based, sustainable and scalable plan to address the following: lack of access and availability of high quality affordable childcare, the need for local workforce development opportunities, and the need for trained and educated early childhood professionals. EduDream developed a three year strategic plan and implementation plan, which outlines the necessary resources, infrastructure, and budget to guide the work forward. See the Theory of Action here.

Data Analytics & Insights
School Reporting for Enroll Oakland Charters

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) serves a diverse student population and functions as a district that gives families the option to choose among 86 district schools and 32 district authorized charter schools. In 2016, OUSD launched the Explore your Options Campaign to help improve the ways families find and apply to Oakland public schools. To increase equitable access to school options, the district and authorized charter schools partnered to provide a unified school application platform. EduDream conducted data analysis of student application and enrollment data, reporting on school enrollment patterns, and providing insights on how the streamlined application process is increasing equitable access to school choice.

Alumni Database Development for Cristo Rey Jesuit High School 


EduDream partnered with Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (CRJHS) in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood to develop and implement a new alumni database system using the Salesforce platform. This work consisted of mapping data across various  systems, preparing, cleaning and migrating data as well as setting up Salesforce for optimal use. Throughout our engagement, EduDream identified opportunities to adopt new data management procedures and provided CRJHS leadership with recommendations and best practices for data collection and use.  EduDream also led a data platform training with CRJHS staff. 

Community Profiles and Data Visuals 

To understand community demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, including population trends, income and poverty, health and vital statistics, crime and violence, and education (e.g., quality of elementary and high schools, college readiness, and postsecondary attainment), EduDream gathered, cleaned and analyzed publicly available data (e.g. U.S. Census, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Department of Public Health, Chicago Police Department). Data were synthesized and converted into visuals and community level profiles. A profile of schools in a community can be viewed here. 

Community Needs Assessments
Community Needs Assessment in Northwest Indiana

EduDream was commissioned to conduct a community needs assessment in the Northwest Indiana region, defined by the following communities: East Chicago, Gary, Griffith, Hammond, Highland, Lake Station, Merrillville, Munster, and Whiting. Our team analyzed publicly available data including: population, demographics, socioeconomics,  health and education. Data analysis was used to develop community profiles. Educational policy changes and their implications on school performance were examined. EduDream also conducted in-depth case studies of three focus communities (East Chicago, Gary and Hammond) using secondary and primary data gathered through interviews and focus groups with community leaders, stakeholders and residents.  The executive summary, regional overview and case study of East Chicago can be viewed here.

Latino Community Needs Assessment


EduDream is leading a comprehensive community needs assessment in three predominantly Latino communities in Chicago: Little Village, South Chicago and Chicago Lawn. The goals of the project are to better assess community needs and assets, and build a deeper understanding of where additional programs and services could have the greatest possible impact in key educational outcomes. This five-phase study systematically applied quantitative and qualitative approaches, including secondary data collection and analysis, an online survey of community-based organizations, interviews with community leaders and stakeholders, focus groups with teachers, and Spanish focus groups with parents.

Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

Across our services, EduDream provides technical assistance to build organizational capacity to collect and use data. Our technical assistance support ranges from developing key performance indicators, reviewing existing data collection tools, devising implementation plans and timelines, to delivering training and guides on effective data management procedures. We equip clients with the knowledge and tools to confidently and competently continue the work. 

Research & Evaluation
Strategic Planning
Data Analytics & Insights
Community Needs Assessment
Technical Assistance
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